Jon Benditz

Good day everyone. I’ve decided to open up to the interwebs. It’s a huge new world of interesting strange people. I’d like to tell the public a little about myself, Jon Benditz. I graduated from Batavia High, in 2003 with a strong interest in the graphic arts and print.


I’ve been very fortunate to follow what I’m passionate about in life. Whether it’s been printing, web design, or filming with a local television station, I’ve taken every opportunity that I could.


I’ve always been into film and production. Sometimes it is just weekends of watching various movies, or working with the local station to make a new show.

With being into film, a colleague and I wanted to create a production company. We started with a podcast called Hide Over There. This gave us the opportunity to make new friends and entertain potentially hundreds of different people. We also started on a film concept with another friend. It’s been a while in the making, but we’re learning a lot.

On a completely different spectrum of hobbies, I’ve picked up the art of brewing beer. There is so much science, and creativity behind making a simple brew and I absolutely love it! With one recipe, and changing how you boil it, you can alter the taste of the final brew.