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Krav Maga Level 2 Test

Quite the day of updates!

Krav Maga Level 2 Test

Back on March 20th, I had the opportunity to take the Level 2 Krav Maga test. Holy hell… It was the most intense physical activity I’ve ever taken on, and I loved it… mostly, ha! I had gone into it with ear and respiratory infections, that alone almost destroyed me. I’m glad I made it through, and I’m looking forward to the Level 3 test!

Jon with newlywedsThe last two days I’ve spent in Clearwater Florida. I had the honor to attend the wedding of two amazing friends. The wedding took place on Friday night, and the party took place on Saturday. It was really awesome having it split into two days. The bride and groom looked amazing, the ceremony was perfect, and the reception was tasty with a ton of fun. Also got to see a proposal happen at the reception! Congrats to the Bride’s brother!

This was my second time really being to Florida and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Going to try and come back in October to spend more time with the newly weds!

Uncle FrankAfter saying my byes today, I took a drive up north of Tampa to visit my uncle Frank. The sad part about that is he passed away back in 2007. I really wish I would have gone there for his burial, he was a big part of my life when he was growing up. It was nice though being able to see his grave and really say good bye. It was for Frank that I got my first tattoo on my left wrist… hurt like hell, but I will always remember.

We're Alive

Today it all started, 7 years ago. The zombies strike and the world is coming to the end… in the land of We’re Alive. This story still is by far one of my favorites. The creative genius, Kc Wayland, really made an amazing story. If you ever need something to listen to other than just books on tape, or need to get away from music for a while, check out We’re Alive: A Story of Survival. You can find it on the website, or on iTunes.

Recently, Kc released another story called We’re Alive: Lockdown. You don’t really need to listen to A Story of Survival to understand what is going on in Lockdown, but still, listen to both 🙂

Well, I’m hoping to write more often. I’ve been working on movie reviews over at Hide Over There, got check them out!

Jon Benditz

I like cheese, bacon, Paleo, yes I know cheese isn’t Paleo. I like cars, games, movies and music. I have a podcast called Hide Over There Podcast, it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, I like bacon.

Krav Maga

Good morning everyone. Every once in a while, we come across a passion that grows so deep, that it’ll never fade away. I’ve talked here and there about Krav Maga and express everything I can, to anyone that want’s to know.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system that was created in the 30’s by Imi Lichtenfeld. It takes the best techniques of other defense sources to make it an extremely fast and efficient way to get out of a conflict. The term Krav Maga can be translated from Hebrew as Contact Combat.

One year ago today, I started Level 1 Krav Maga at DuPage Krav Maga. It changed my life, forever. I began an immediate path to being healthy. People say their going to try a new diet, or do a new workout. Most of the time they don’t stay on board. A person gives up easier so quick, that if they kept going for just another day, it could give them a good feeling of accomplishment.

I’d like to think that I proved some people wrong. I know my first class was the worst looking form, and the trainers most likely didn’t think I had what it takes. 1 year later, I’m towards the end of Level 2 and can see Level 3 right around the corner. I’ve also lost 50+ lbs, with the help of appropriate life style changes in the food department. I may be a nerd that sits(or stands) at his desk all day, but if I ever get into a situation that I need to defend myself, this class may just save my life.

Best thing of all in the past year at DuPage Krav Maga, I’ve made some really good friends. We all push each other. We have a great time outside of class. And most of all, we believe in each other. This past week was extremely tough. I didn’t think I have what it takes to really push through, and one of my dear friends from class, really helped and proved I do have what it takes.

I will always try to tell everyone they should try out at least one introduction class. There is no reason not to. This class may change your life too. If you’re interested about any other information on Krav Maga, or want to join me on a Thursday evening for an intro class, please let me know!

Jon Benditz

I like cheese, bacon, Paleo, yes I know cheese isn’t Paleo. I like cars, games, movies and music. I have a podcast called Hide Over There Podcast, it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, I like bacon.

Hey Grandma,
I listened to a song that reminded me of you today. It is called See You Again. You probably wouldn’t have ever listened to it, but I know you would appreciate it. This lovely northern Illinois weather finally getting warmer. It will probably be August by the time it truly heats up!! I’m now a level 2 in Krav! It’s been an exciting class to join. GrandmaThe others in class are great people, and becoming amazing friends! How is everyone up by you? Kicking everyone’s butt in Yahtzee? I bet you are getting a good laugh out of everyone too.

I’m trying to not be selfish. I want you to be at peace, and hope you really are. One of my favorite photos is from a couple years back. I had my .45 over and you had picked it up. You gave everyone a great laugh.

I’ve had a hard time with knowing you’re not here, in person. There are so many times I want to stop by and play one last game of cards. Or work on the crossword puzzle. Maybe help you get a few pieces of the jig saw puzzle in place. I know it’s selfish of me to keep asking for that one last time, but can you blame me?

I miss you. Everyday you’re on my mind. I love you.

Jon Benditz

I like cheese, bacon, Paleo, yes I know cheese isn’t Paleo. I like cars, games, movies and music. I have a podcast called Hide Over There Podcast, it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, I like bacon.