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You know about those times your brain just takes over and doesn’t let you acknowledge any other thought? Well, it happened once I hit that 3rd decade. I felt as if I had no control over it. My mind wanted a plan. It wanted to understand it’s future as soon as possible.

The first big part of the thoughts were having someone to talk to. No, I don’t mean that there are other voices in my head, but finding someone that really fits the description of who I want to spend time with, a very long time. Friendships definitely help with keeping my brain busy. They allow me to keep my brain happy. Some of my best friends are the reason I’m okay being alone for now. Couldn’t ask for any better people to live this life with.

Another part that my mind wandered off to, was children. When will I have one? Am I ready? Will whomever I meet be the right person for me? See that first thought of trying to meet someone stalled this thought. Probably why it took a while to reboot and get off thinking about those first two.

One of the biggest thoughts I had was about being happy. Can I continue to travel, and work for good companies? Or keep up with my favorite hobbies and spend time with my friends. I can tell you this, I consider myself happier than I was a year ago. And I strive to keep that level of happiness up.

Being 30 is really no different than turning 20 or 25. Even older like 35. It’s just a variable. It’s a countdown to something scary, but it’s also a motivator to get off your ass and do something. 30 is great so far. And to be honest, I’m curious how 31 will turn out to be!

Jon Benditz

I like cheese, bacon, Paleo, yes I know cheese isn’t Paleo. I like cars, games, movies and music. I have a podcast called Hide Over There Podcast, it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, I like bacon.

When’s the last time you looked at your life and said there was nothing that you’d change? Probably been a while right? Or does it sound like: I’ll start it this upcoming Monday, or tomorrow. But then it never does? Take the chance now to turn away the extra donut, or super sized fry.

This is where it starts to get, nerdy. I recently joined the site, For myself, I fit right in. Obviously I’m a nerd/dork/geek so it only made sense to see what the site is all about! There is a 6 week challenge that they do several times a year. One just happened to start on this past Monday, June 9th. Within this challenge, they ask you to make quests to follow. You can see below the quests I have chosen.

Wish me luck!

Nerd Fitness @NerdFitness

Main Quest: Lose (35+lbs) by New Years 2015.

If I can drop the 35+lbs by the new year, I will not only have just turned 30, but I’ll have the feeling that I’m 20 again. My confidence level will reach new levels that I haven’t seen in a decade.

Quest 1: Hit the Gym 3 times a week

The gym has been my friend since high school. It’s there when I need it, and there when I don’t go to taunt me about not going. If I go 3 times a week minimum, I’m pretty sure I can smile and feel better.

Quest 2: Run three times a week

I’ve always tried to run. I’ve accomplished mud runs, and a 10 mile race. But, I work up to those. I want this quest to be about making running a hobby and habit. To the point of I feel broke if I don’t accomplish this habit.

Quest 3: What’s fast or processed food?

Fast food and processed food are a weakness. When I’m stressed, I go to food. Not alcohol or drugs thankfully, but food. The convienence of these foods are my downfall. I want these two types of food to be erased from my vocabulary and be written as myths that do not exist.

Side Quest 1: Ride my bike to work instead of driving.

I currently live 15.3 miles from my job. Not too far, but the path to get there is not easy. I’m moving in a week or two closer to work. 6.8 miles from work. With that, I will ride my bike to work. Save gas, and burn some calories.

Side Quest 2: Acquire a following on Twitter/Instagram of my water/diet/progress.

If I can get 5 people to follow me specifically for being healthy, and bettering themselves, I will have completed this quest.

Motivation: Friends, Family, The girl. I’ve had a lot of friends follow my progress of working out, running, trends that I’ve taken on. I want to encourage everyone to not only follow what I do, but to see them commit to it and be healthy themselves.

Life Quest: Finish my story and create the website to go with it.

I’m currently in the process of writing a screenplay with a friend of mine. I’ve never taken on something like this before, so I want to finish in the next few months with the 6 episodes.

Reward System:

-10 info if fast food eaten
+10 info with extra run/workout(max 100 info)

Weight Loss Info(Instead of credits, xp, or $, I prefer info. Its value goes beyond anything else):

100% complete – 200 info
90% complete  – 90 info
80% complete  – 80 info
70% complete  – 70 info
60% complete  – 60 info
50% complete  – 100 info
40% complete  – 40 info
30% complete  – 30 info
20% complete  – 20 info
10% complete  – 10 info

700 info total, (100 extra info available).

Possible Awards traded for information.

500 info – New Suit
400 info – Portillos Dinner
300 info – Rock Bottom Dinner(Nachos Galore)
300 info – Movie with snacks
200 info – New Game

Jon Benditz

I like cheese, bacon, Paleo, yes I know cheese isn’t Paleo. I like cars, games, movies and music. I have a podcast called Hide Over There Podcast, it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, I like bacon.

My First Season
My First Season

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Is there one television show that you can directly relate to in almost every way? With one main character, or the plot of the story? I named this post My First Season, to reflect the medical comedy show that came out in 2001, Scrubs. All but 8 episodes started with the word My in seasons 1-8. I chose My First Season because I feel as if this year is probably the proudest, most successful year I’ve had in a long time, and hope for the rest of the years to only get better.

For those of you that haven’t watched it, the show is about the lives of the employees at a hospital called Sacred Heart. The main character JD, short for John Dorian, is the one I can relate with the most. Scrubs is in the top 5 of my favorite shows of all time, we’ll get into the others at a later time though. I’ve watched it every year after the show was cancelled in 2010 during season 9. I watch it around the spring time and actually finished my 2014 marathon of the show this past weekend.

Many of the situations that JD goes through, I have in my own way gone through as well. Obviously I’m not a doctor so the scenarios were slightly different, but with the same outcome. I believe I come back to this show year after year not just because it’s funny or easy to watch, but because the values and lessons learned can apply to everyone. Most television shows these days don’t give a good moral to the story, Scrubs had one almost every episode.

It’s only April. This season can only get better!

Jon Benditz

I like cheese, bacon, Paleo, yes I know cheese isn’t Paleo. I like cars, games, movies and music. I have a podcast called Hide Over There Podcast, it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, I like bacon.